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AT mreza logo maliHuman trafficking is a serious felony and grave social problem because it most drastically violates basic human rights – the right to life, the right to choose, the right to freedom of movement. Whenever a person is sold or bought in order to be exploited by being forced to sex work, beggary, domestic servitude, theft or marriage, it is a case of human trafficking.

The Mission: AT Network of Serbia is a network of organizations of civil society that plans and takes anti-trafficking actions, in cooperation with relevant stakeholders, in order to prevent, reduce and solve the problem of human trafficking on the national and local level in the Republic of Serbia.

Anti-Trafficking Network, former ASTRA Network, was founded in 2002, and it is still active. Today, it consists of 8 members: Astra, Belgrade; SOS for women and children victims of violence, Vlasotince; Independent Women's Center, Dimitovgrad; OCS Human Rights Committee, Vranje; Center for Girls, Niš; Center for Women's Rights, Vršac; PAOR, Zrenjanin; Center for Girls,  Užice.

In next period the activities of AT Network will be directed to accomplishing the following strategic goals:

  • The migrant population is informed to recognize forms of human trafficking and ways of recruitment,

  • Institutions provide maximum protection to victims of trafficking and take all necessary measures to ensure that victims are not additionally traumatized,

  • The majority and Roma population is informed to recognize forms of human trafficking beings and ways of recruitment,

  • Strengthened capacities of CSOs in the field of suppression and prevention of human trafficking for more efficient operation of the AT network and cooperation with institutions

Get Informed. Be on the Alert.
Don't Allow Yourself to Become a Victim of Human Trafficking!