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sos vlasotinceSOS for women and children victims of violence is a women's non-governmental organization founded in 1996. As such, it operates SOS helpline for violence victims and SOS helpline for trafficking victims. The chairwoman of the organization is Svetlana Šarić, a long-standing activist and also the organization's founder.  The organization takes on 15 permanent volunteers, and over the course of last couple of years, it has trained over 50 peer educators on various subjects, such as all forms of violence, human trafficking, human rights, responsible citizenship, stereotypes and prejudices. The organization's volunteers come from the majority population (Serbian) as well as from the minorities (Roma women). Primarily, the organization deals with the prevention of human trafficking and violence, but it also secures a safe house for victims for one night. Women operating SOS helpline and working with victims are activists trained for such work. Our activities are also reflected in our joining local municipal bodies for the purpose of further influencing the attainment of our goals.

Sos Vlasotince Facebook Group.