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Founded in 2000, ASTRA is a non-governmental organization, committed to the eradication of all forms of human trafficking, especially women and children trafficking, as well as to the efficient search for missing children and their protection after they have been found. Through a comprehensive approach to the problem, the organization tries to eliminate this specific form of violence by promoting a society free of all sorts of exploitation, violence, discrimination, and economic and social inequalities. The cornerstone values of the organization's work are respect for human rights in accordance with international standards, tolerance and appreciation of differences, highest standards of work, commitment and professionalism.

Since its foundation, ASTRA, as a leading organization in anti-trafficking action in our country, has been treating this problem in a comprehensive manner, i. e. by dealing with all forms of human trafficking and all categories of victims – women, children and men. At the same time, it acts in the areas of prevention, education, public awareness raising, direct victim assistance and reintegration, research and reporting, and advocacy at a strategic and operational level, and supports the building of a functional and efficient counter-trafficking system which fully respects victims’ human rights.

ASTRA operates two SOS hotlines: ASTRA SOS Hotline for trafficking victims 011 785 00 00, and European Missing Children Number 116 000, available 24/7 throughout the year. All SOS hotline services are provided free of charge.

More about ASTRA can be found on their official web presentation ASTRA - Belgrade.