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paor logoPAOR is an organization engaged in different forms of activism as the means of social action. PAOR brings together: individuals, formal and informal groups from various social, cultural and subcultural domains, such as multimedia, ecology, philosophy, psychology, sport, music, human rights, art etc.

Within the civil sector, PAOR endeavours to position itself as an association, i. e. a so-called umbrella organisation, whose aim is associate, cooperative and joint action for the purpose of bringing about sustainable and progressive social changes both on the locale and globally.

PAOR supports individuality and autonomy of individuals and groups. PAOR advocates the idea of social action via individual and autonomous ideas targeted towards progressive and forward social goals.

PAOR supports and takes part in all social changes whose aims are building up individual actions and movements, exercising all forms of human rights, tolerance, peace, and healthy and better life of both individuals and society. PAOR's goal is initiating and supporting social actions local and global in character.

PAOR strives to bring and keep together productive and creative human potential.

PAOR has no ambitions of being a final solution, but rather an initiator, originator, worker, creator.

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