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Odbor vranjeThe mission of the organization: Protecting, respecting and promoting human rights, primarily the rights of women in accordance with the UN International Convention, international and national standards, through the development of civil society, education, information, raising citizens' awareness about human rights and principles of democratic society.

NGO Human Rights Committee Vranje (HRCVR) operates on the national level, but primarily in 7 municipalities of Pčinja district, which is geographically close to Macedonia, Bulgaria and Kosovo and Metohia. 

The organization is one of the oldest OCSs in Vranje and one of the few non-governmental organizations in southern Serbia which focuses on enhancing the politics of gender equality, protecting women's rights, fighting against domestic violence and improving anti-trafficking programs. Since its foundation, the organization has carried out 360 campaigns, actions, performances, panel discussions, projects, workshops, seminars, media activities etc.

In order to raise the level of prevention and provide efficient support to women, a specialized service of SOS helpline Vranje was opened in 2002, which recorded more than 4,000 calls over the period of 13 years. SOS Helpline Vranje provides free support to women exposed to domestic violence and human trafficking, education, free legal counselling, support workshops, advanced training for professionals from institutions... The Committee initiated and continues to develop the Regional Network of Pčinja District as an integral solution to the problem of violence against women.

Specialized service of SOS Helpline Vranje 017 410 822; 066 410 822 is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00, at the weekends from 17:00 to 20:00.

sos vranjeSince 2000, we have been carrying out the program of prevention, education and raising awareness about the risks of human trafficking in partnership with OCS ASTRA, and since 2001, continued to do so as one of the founders and members of ASTRA Network, which has been operating as AT Network of Serbia since 2014. Within the activities of prevention and education on the risks of human trafficking, we organized over 100 workshops, 15 panel discussions, 10 round tables and informative actions in elementary and high schools in Pčinja district. 

In 2007/08, the Human Rights Committee Vranje (HRCVR) acted as a coordinator of 11 non-governmental organizations of ASTRA Anti-Trafficking Network in Serbia within the project "Coordination of Anti-Trafficking Activities and Over-the-Border Cooperation among RING Anti-Trafficking Network in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Petra in Croatia, Astra in Serbia, and Montenegrin Women's Lobby in Montenegro" as a part of the program CARE International North Western Balkans – Sarajevo.

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